Friedrich Gross, a Swiss-born artist, got his start as a house painter in Zurich before immigrating to the United States and moving into the NYC art world. He painted controversial murals on city buildings, flipped SOHO studios, and showcased his art at local galleries. Over the years, Friedrich evolved and expanded his art from painting houses to paining furniture, panels, and canvases. He also began drawing, sculpting, and etching. In the late 19080's, Friedrich left the city and moved to the green mountains of Vermont where he built a farm and raised a flock of animals.

Today, Friedrich's art is honest and centers around his domestic life. His whimsical paintings are a combination of folklore, myth and fantasy and evoke a deep sympathetic response that has universal appeal. While this pictures illuminate the tales and fables that inspired them, each painting stands alone as an intriguing and magical vision. 


  • Parke-Bernet, New York
  • Hubrus Gallery, New York
  • Swiss Centre Gallery, New York
  • Phanton Gallery, New York
  • Brooklyn Box, New York
  • Bannon Gallery, Massachusetts
  • BigTown Gallery, Vermont
  • Towle Hill Studio, Vermont
  • The Swiss Centre, London


  • American Swiss International
  • Home Decorator Japan
  • American Home
  • Town & Country
  • Residential Interiors
  • New York Times